how to make a Piñata

I was maid of honor on the wedding of my friend sarah and we all hate wedding games..

so i needed something special what will lighten the mood and will not be too embarrassing.

My friend and colleague Hanna had  the problem-solving hint.. Build a Piñata…

What a great idea.

so I bought:

a huge heart balloon..

a lot of sweets

wallpaper paste

old newspapers


crepe paper. So look at the different steps.

Inflate the balloon

put on the first layer of papier-maché and wait 1-2 days to let it dry.

add 2 more layers of papier-maché and wait until its completly dry.

cut a whole into the body and balloon and remove the broken balloon from the inside.

Fill the papier-maché body with confetti and sweets and fix a hood or something similar. (I added two iron hanger you get in german dry cleaning shops).

close the body with glue or an additional layer of papier-maché.

style the body with crepe paper as you like.

We hung the pinjata in a tree with a big rope and the wedding couple had to smash it with a woodn spoon… it was great fun!! and the kids loved it.


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